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FTW Micro Flywheels – Blue Planet

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Developed in Australia after months of research , the FTW Micro Flywheel enables flywheel conversions in mag-fed springers that would never fit a conventional flywheel cage. It has also paved the way for unconventional design in 3d printed homemade blasters including the MHP Pigeon, The Falcon and the Viper among others.

FTW Micro Flywheels are machined from coloured (Not dyed) Delrin to exacting specifications, so you can be sure of the best performance from your pint-sized powerhouse!

Due to their diminutive size, these wheels require a high rpm motor for best performance. They are optimal above 50k rpm for half lengths and 65k rpm for full lengths.

Recommended motors : FTW Merlins running on 3s

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