Flywheel the World


All Flywheel the World printable files are available on Thingiverse under Creative Commons Licence. 
Feel free to download and use these files in your builds and if you want to sell prints in your store, just drop us an email or message.

The printable FTW blasters below are also available under Creative Commons, however, they are the intellectual property of their designers, so please abide by the licences listed.

FTW Conversion Kits


The Blaster that started it all, convert your Recon or Retaliator to a solenoid pusher, automatic Flywheeler and join the Flywheel Master Race!

Deploy – Coming Soon!

The Deploy is often listed among the worst Nerf blasters ever released….No More! Take your Deploy from lame to insane with the power of our Micro Flywheel system and shock your friends when you “Deploy” with a vengeance!

Full FTW Blasters

MHP Arms Pigeon

Based on the venerable Desert Eagle, the Pigeon redefined the Nerf sidearm! Now available in both Katana and Talon versions, this compact and efficient blaster was the first grip-fed pistol on thew scene.

Freedom Blasters Viper

The Freedom Blasters FR-1 Viper is a compact double-action foam dart revolver that uses the FTW microflywheel system. Its cylinder holds 8 short darts and it can be reloaded by either opening the break and inserting darts into the cylinder manually or swapping the cylinder entirely. It serves great as a secondary or primary on HvZ due to its flexible reloading capabilities.

MHP Arms Turkey

The Turkey is a semi-auto conventional layout Nerf sidearm. The slide pulls back, locks in place, and allows full access to the top of the mag for top loading. 

Ansuzalgiz Falcon

Bringing 2-stage power to the compact form factor, the Falcon is a clean lined sci-fi style blaster that is designed around the Talon and packs a punch! 

Blaster Revolution Kittyhawk

If you want dual-stage Talon-y goodness in a more Tacticool package, Blaster Revolution’s Falcon remix is hard to look past! With aggressive lines and an optional stock, this is a serious piece of kit!

Meaker’s Hawk (MK21)

For those with a small print bed, Meaker has you covered with the MK21. This diminuitive blaster is the smallest conventional triggered FTW blaster available! It is a remix of the Falcon adjusted to fit a 6″ cubed print bed and is the smallest linear-mag flywheel blaster available.