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PHOTON UPGRADE ONLY FTW Asteroids – Solar Flare – Metal Mircoflywheels

$6.00 USD


This Product is for Photon Upgrades Only. And will only ship installed in a purchased photon.
FTW Asteroid Wheels, are metal versions of our Mircoflywheels, with an Acetal core.
Our First Asteroid, Solar Flare, are machined out of brass making them over 7 times the weight.
Allowing for:

  • Potentially higher FPS
      • 130fps average on Adventure force darts. Compared to the 110fps average with the plastic wheels.
      • 120fps using Accufake darts, compared to 105 average
  • Sustained FPS at high rates of fire.
  • Higher energy efficiency
      • Initial revs show draw rates within 10% of plastic wheels.
      • When a dart is fired through metal wheels the draw is 1.25 Amps, compared to the plastic wheels which draws around 5 Amps.
  • Increased motor longevity. These wheels will beat most darts to dust if they try to jam.

The Trade off.

  • A much longer wind down time.
  • From a dead stop to full rev takes 579 miliseconds longer.
  • Noticeably increases the blaster’s weight

*All FPS testing was done using a cadwell chronograph, Merlins, and fresh never fired darts.
**DO NOT MOTOR BRAKE. You shouldn’t motor break merlins to begin with, motor breaking such a heavy wheel will cause them to rip the motors apart as that energy has to go somewhere.


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