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FTW Merlin Motor – Pair

$17.00 USD


Designed by Alex the Wizard, these 130 sized motors feature dual ball bearings and new composite-polymer brushes. They are rated to 74000rpm and of torque on 12v so they are the perfect 3s motor for micro setups and multistage full-sized builds!

The ball bearings, large vents and polymer brushes mean that despite being faster and more powerful, they also run much cooler than the alternatives, meaning you can sustain a higer rate of fire for longer, without worrying about melting 3d printed cages.

Merlins…. Because they’re Magic!

Size – 130
Battery – 3s
Speed – 74000 RPM
Torque –
Stall Current – 26.5A

These due to the super tight winding to produce the high rpm and torque needed, these motors are not suitable for motor braking and will destroy themselves under the force involved. DO NOT MOTOR BRAKE THESE MOTORS!

Weight 0.070 kg