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Freedom Blasters Viper – Orange and Black – US Stock

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The Freedom Blasters FR-1 Viper is a compact double-action foam dart revolver that uses the FTW microflywheel system. Its cylinder holds 8 short darts and it can be reloaded by either opening the break and inserting darts into the cylinder manually or swapping the cylinder entirely. It serves great as a secondary or primary on HvZ due to its flexible reloading capabilities.

This blaster comes complete with motors, flywheels and 2 cylinders.
Battery not included.

Due to the 3d printed nature of this blaster, it may contain minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the performance in any way.
Images on this listing are of the actual item for sale.

This item is US stock and shipping on this item is only available to the US, Canada and Mexico.

This is not a toy, it is a high performance, quality 3d printed, strong and durable hobby grade foam dart blaster.  Using high quality 3s LiPO or LiHV Batteries, it averages approximately 120fps.

Important Safety
Blasters are used at your own risk.  Flywheel the World will not accept any liability for damage.  Flywheel the World will not accept any liability for injury.  The items on this site are safe as long as the operator uses it safely. The items on this site are to be used by those 18 years or older.  Always wear protective eye wear whilst using blasters. Never point or aim at someone’s eyes or face. Always use approved foam darts.  By purchasing these items agree you will use it in a safe and responsible manner and you agree that Flywheel the World will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental usage.


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